The Large Crow Canyon Mug

The Large Crow Canyon Mug

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We've added a large custom design mug to satisfy the coffee and tea drinkers who want more from their mug. This mug measures 4.5" tall and 4" wide.

The Crow Canyon Mug is modeled after a Mesa Verde Black-on-white mug from the Mesa Verde area of southwest Colorado. Mesa Verde Black-on-white designs usually consist of banded layouts, often with several thin concentric bands above and below a band of design, and rim decorations (like the ticking on this mug). The clay for these mugs was gathered locally and rolled into long strips and coiled to form the mug shape.

 The Crow Canyon Mug is based on one excavated by the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center at Sand Canyon Pueblo between 1984 and 1993. At large Pueblo III period sites like Sand Canyon and Goodman Point Pueblos, mug fragments (or sherds) were found in both residential and public (or ritual) spaces.

The Crow Canyon Mug was designed by Crow Canyon Archaeological Center artist and educator, Paul Ermigiotti, and has been produced and hand painted by artisans at Ute Mountain Ute Pottery in Towaoc, Colorado.